A winning formula for people development programs

A winning formula for people development programs

This fact was reaffirmed when we received six medals from the Brandon Hall Human Capital Management and Technology Awards in 2018. Brandon Hall, known as the “Academy Awards” of corporate learning, recognizes companies that create effective and innovative learning programs to develop the skills of its employees. I am particularly proud of our team for assembling these programs and would like to share more on these programs and how they benefit our learners.
First on my list is a program that has made a significant impact inside Capgemini, Outstanding Women in Leadership (OWL). Winner of a gold medal in Best Advance in Women’s Leadership Development, OWL is program specifically designed to focus on highly effective and growth-oriented women within Capgemini to help them tap their latent leadership potential and shape them into the leaders of the future. The OWLs developed a mix of hard and soft skills while building confidence and crafting the network they’ll need to facilitate their further rise through the company.
My overall personality has changed from a less-confident to an extremely confident and empowered professional. Before I started the program, I worked under the leadership of a program head. Moving forward, however, I will be replacing the program head and taking care of my business end to end. – OWL participant, 2018 

Keeping to the theme of leadership, I’d also like to highlight one of our premier leadership development programs, Game Changers. Winners of dual gold medals for Best Advance in Executive Development and Best Advance in Leadership Development, Game Changers selects a variety of transformational leaders and puts them through a rigorous ten-month learning experience that not only builds next-level leadership skills, but also grants them opportunities to work with our executives and see, learn, network, and create game-changing ideas to enable Capgemini to continue to be a leader in the field.

Leadership is, of course, only part of a holistic curriculum. This is why I’m particularly proud of the work we’ve done to develop the skills of our emerging leaders in  our Techprime program. Winner of dual silver medals for Best Use of Blended Learning and Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development, Techprime is a gamified learning platform put together through collaboration between Capgemini and the experts at Skillsoft to actively develop skills on critical topics like Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, Security, and Digital. Listening to our employees and conducting targeted industry research, we found that skill redundancy is a major concern and I’m happy to say we are taking major steps to address those fears and develop new skills targeted for our and our employees futures.
Techprime gave me an overview of the skills a tech specialist should develop to remain relevant in our quickly changing field. It helped me realize where my gaps were and how I could most effectively fill them. – Techprime participant, 2018
Finally, I’d like to feature our Digital Age Learning Lab MooC, winner of the bronze medal for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology. Traditional corporate learning is typically boring – long-stock videos or modules that are focused on only a single modality, not interesting or particularly effective for many people. This MooC is a step in a completely opposite direction with personalized learning paths, a wide variety of different ways to learn on your specific terms, and a community of other learners ready to engage in the same topic. The MooC is constantly updated with the latest skills and information that specialists  continue to evolve and expand in their domain specific terms.
The MooC was a very unique experience because it not only promotes self-paced learning but alternates the way topics are delivered to keep things fresh and interesting. I hope to see a lot more learning opportunities like this in the future! – MooC participant, 2018
The entire learning team and I are extremely proud that the efforts we put into helping our people achieve the skills they need to stay competitive in the market are recognized and look forward to continue to do so in the future.

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