Have you ever wanted to work in Malta?

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·       Whether you are an international internship or a long term position, the experience abroad on your resume will provide you with a valuable competitive advantage when you return home, opening up great opportunities for you in the future.


·       Showing that you are aware of a local market from previous roles in the country is also a big advantage when applying for new jobs, which means you have more options to choose what you want to do.

So even if your dream job is on the other side of the world, taking these steps abroad increases your chances of securing the role – even if not for a few years.

• What’s good about opportunities to work abroad is that they also allow you to experience the local culture; Not only is this interesting from a personal point of view, but it can also help to increase your professional skills.


Valued by employers

• Employers are always looking for candidates who stand out from the crowd, and that is exactly what working abroad can do for you.


• Any potential employer would be intrigued that you are employed abroad and want to know more about you.

Gain work experience

The problem can be easily solved by finding overseas job opportunities.

In fact, not only is it easier to get a job – and gain work experience by extension – but also a work experience you end up earning can be much more valuable.

·       The work experience you gain from working for a credible overseas company can be ten times more valuable than if you stay permanently in the UK working at a local company.


·       Many overseas countries have healthier economies with lower Cost of Living when compared to other major European cities, much has changed on the island since its entry into the European Union in 2004.


·       According to InterNations, Malta ranked 7th on the list of best foreign countries to build their lives. Not only would you enjoy a higher salary, but your family would also be able to experience a better lifestyle. Public transport is also among the cheapest in the European Union.


·       Working abroad gives you a chance to grow personally. Experiencing a new culture will lead you on an inner journey that will help you understand yourself and your wants and needs more.

Living abroad can benefit your career in more ways than one, so it is a career change that is definitely worth considering.

·        A recent study by the British Council found that international work experience plays a key role in enhancing innovation and productivity in the workplace, while helping to develop skills that benefit individuals, businesses and society. 7 out of 10 internationally experienced individuals describe themselves as confident communicators, able to work well with people from other cultures.



·       Working in a foreign country gives you the chance to adapt to new and unfamiliar situations. This is a significant factor in increasing your confidence and strengthening your ability to adapt to various situations.

You can submit your CV here  and state where you are staying at the moment.

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