Leading the way in HR services

Leading the way in HR services

In a recent report [1] ,the notable analyst group NelsonHall presented its observations of the cloud HR services market, and of multi-process HR services in particular. To conduct its research, the group used NEAT – the NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool – and assessed a number of vendors across a range of criteria and business situations.

As a result, vendors were placed in one of four categories: Leaders, High Achievers, Innovators, and Major Players. What might be termed the “magic quadrant” of these four classes – the top right box of the scatter graph – was the Leader category. ”Leaders,” the report says, “are vendors that exhibit both a high ability relative to their peers to deliver immediate benefit, and a high capability relative to their peers to meet client future requirements.”
I’m delighted to announce in this post that Capgemini was not only classed as one of the highest-scoring leaders, but that, among the 17 organizations under review, we were judged the highest in the “ability to deliver immediate benefit.”
In particular, the report noted our:

End-to-end capabilities for cloud and multi-process HR services from concept to execution, including cloud consulting, Human Capital Management (HCM) system implementation, post-go-live Application Management Services (AMS) support, and HR Business Process-as-a-service (BPaaS) [2]
Focus on incorporating digital developments into our HR services, including Digital Employee Operations, Digital Helpdesk, and Digital Learning Operations.
Emphasis on creating the business case for transformation to the cloud through post deployment HR BPaaS support.
Heavily leveraging next-generation technological innovations, including robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, and machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI).

NelsonHall devotes part of its report to an analysis of our strategic direction. In the development of our cloud and multi-process HR services businesses, it notes our intention to focus on aligning our applications and subject matter experts for design and implementation, as well as for continuing support of our HR business process services.
The future of digital learning
The heavy emphasis we place on digital transformation through our applications is also recognized. Digital Employee Helpdesk, Digital HR Operations, and Digital Learning Operations (DLO), which launched in early 2018, are all acknowledged, and our plans for the future expansion of DLO are noted.
At Capgemini, we recognize that not all organizations seek a full-service approach to HR, and NelsonHall notes our focus on being more agile and modular for those who need only limited support. In particular, the report covers the fact that we are offering DLO on a standalone basis.
But we’re not just focused on present practicalities. We’re also keen to identify emerging and future trends, and to help our clients prepare for them. In particular, we’ve noted increasing numbers of working people who are actively seeking to make themselves more marketable by seeking to train themselves, rather than passively waiting for their employers to introduce training to them. It’s a recognition of and response to the increasing fluidity of employment, in which people bring their skills to market in much the same way that services companies fulfill a client’s supply chain needs.
That’s why another development we’re bringing to DLO in 2019 is to look at creating the right channels for people to reskill themselves in a way that suits them individually – and also in a way in which their current and future employers may have a role. I’ve written recently about this in another post.
The importance of value
“Overall,” the NelsonHall report says, “the top barriers to multi-process HR services include the belief that cloud HCM platforms are so intuitive that organizations can easily operate/manage HR processes internally and change management.” I’m pleased to say our clients are finding that working with us delivers value that extends significantly beyond that achievable via an internal implementation.
One last thing. The NelsonHall report says that one of the greatest challenges Capgemini faces in this sector is a lack of brand awareness in the market for providing multi-process HR services. I suspect that may mean we’ve been so busy doing the doing for our clients that we haven’t sufficiently made public capital of our work. If that’s the case, I’d say we’ll be more robust in this respect in 2019 – starting, perhaps, with this post.
More importantly, though, I’d say we’d sooner be judged by our actions than by our words. Successful transformations, measurable returns, and satisfied multinational clients – those are the yardsticks by which we’d most like to be measured; and as we embark on another year, you can be sure we will continue to lead, not just in terms of objective third-party analysis, but in terms of the most important criterion of all. And that’s customer satisfaction.
To find out more about how Capgemini’s Digital Employee Operations can transform your HR function and employee satisfaction, contact: anjali.pendlebury-green@capgemini.com
Learn more about why NelsonHall named Capgemini as a “Leader” in its Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) Report for Cloud and Multi-Process HR Services.
Anjali Pendlebury-Green  is an expert in the field of HR outsourcing and transformation, specializing in delivering HR solutions that leverage global outsourcing platforms, leading edge technology, stack offers, and process standardization. Anjali has led award-winning HRO teams for large multinational companies with a special focus on the manufacturing sector.
[1]“Multi-Process HR Services. Market Segment: Cloud HR Services Capability,” NelsonHall, November 2018
[2] Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) is an “assemble-to-order” group of solutions that enables our clients to grow their business while reducing operational costs. Integrating services, processes, applications and infrastructure, BPaaS maximizes agility and responsiveness by leveraging a Cloud-based ecosystem of solutions and Capgemini’s unique Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM)

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