Non-EU Work Permit Application To Reopen In Next Few Days

Applications had been stopped when COVID-19 hit Malta’s shores

Companies will shortly be able to start work permit applications for non-EU nationals – also known as third-country nationals – in the next few days.

Non-EU work permits had been halted when the coronavirus crisis started to make headway in Malta, in March, as the airport closed, and travel restrictions were put into place. The renewal of work permits for those who were still in employment carried on unabated throughout the pandemic.

Answering a question in parliament, Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship Alex Muscat said that as the island continues to open up, Government will reopen applications, allowing firms to employ third country nationals, and allowing those who had lost their jobs to re-apply for work.

However, companies are also being advised to first contact the health authorities to ensure the applicant does not come from a country which is not yet reconnected to Malta.

Moreover, the Parliamentary Secretary said they were considering extending the validity period of work permits for two years or more, provided that the non-EU national had a job. 

Should the third-country nationals stay for longer, they would be able to apply for a residency permit, as long as they have a clean police conduct. 

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