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How to obtain a work permit in malta?

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How to Obtain a Work Permit in Malta?


If you are an EU citizen, you do not need a work permit to work in Malta, but you will need a Maltese residency card. A Maltese Residency card is similar to the Identity Cards but is for foreign residents.


If you are a Non-EU citizen, you should submit documents with your application. These include:  a covering letter, a copy of your passport, your employment contract, health screening (if necessary), your CV, health insurance, and proof of a property lease in Malta.


Applying for a work permit in Malta may be done either in Malta in person or while still abroad – these are referred to as Still Abroad Applications.


If you are already in Malta, you will be given a temporary residency permit until your application has been fully processed.


If you are still abroad, you can request someone to submit the application on your behalf in Malta. If still abroad, however, you do not have to supply health insurance, proof of property lease, and health screening at the application stage.


If you also need a Visa, this will be issued once approval is given for the work permit.


An application for a work permit can take up to four months. 


A work permit in Malta is normally valid for one year, after which it needs to be renewed.


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