End User End User Training for Sensitivity Labels

End-user documentation for sensitivity labels

The most effective end-user documentation will be customized guidance and instructions you provide for the label names and configurations you choose. You can use the label policy setting Provide users with a link to a custom help page to specify an internal link for this documentation. Users can then easily access it from the Sensitivity button:

  • For built-in labeling: Learn More menu option.
  • For the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client: Help and Feedback menu option > Tell Me More link in the Microsoft Azure Information Protection dialog box.

To help you provide your customized documentation, see the following page and downloads that you can use to help train your users: End User Training for Sensitivity Labels.

You can also use the following resources for basic instructions:

If your sensitivity labels apply encryption for PDF documents, these documents can be opened with Microsoft Edge on Windows or Mac. For more information, and alternative readers, see Which PDF readers are supported for protected PDFs?