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COVID-19 Update:

Cases: 3.686.813

Deaths: 85.608

Recovered: 254.868

​​​​​​​For this week, there is an increase of 150,165 confirmed COVID-19 cases in France. According to deaths, there is an increase of 2215 confirmed COVID-19 cases in France. There are a total of 2,712,800 people vaccinated with the first dose in France.
Unemployment insurance accounts are reeling from the recession that has been hitting the country since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic. At the end of 2020, its deficit plunged to 17.4 billion euros, according to figures adopted on Wednesday 24 February by the Unédic office. “Nearly 3 million people” are compensated by the scheme and several million workers “8 or 9 million” at the height of the crisis are covered under short-time working. “All this has a cost”, estimated Mr. Valentie. In 2020, however, unemployment benefit expenditure only accounts for a quarter of the deficit, according to Unédic. What adds considerably to the bill is the financing of partial unemployment (55% of the deficit), one third of which is covered by Unedic and two thirds by the state. To this should be added the reductions in income linked to the crisis: deferrals and exemptions from contributions, a reduction in the
wage bill on which unemployment insurance contributions are based and lower income due to short-time working, exempt from contributions.
Asylum applications in France have fallen by 41%.
In 2020, 81,669 first applications for asylum were made at immigration counters, against 138,420 (-41%) in 2019, while 115,888 applications for all situations (re-examinations, Dublin procedures etc.) were taken into account last year against 177,822 the previous year.
“This is a strong break”, agrees Julien Boucher, Director General of Ofpra, the body in charge of examining applications for refugee status, awarded in about 24% of cases (37% after appeal procedures). “The extent of the drop in asylum applications is an important change, all the more so as we were on a marked upward trend in recent years, and the
beginning of 2020 followed this trend,” he stressed. This drop in France is part of a European trend, after several months of closing the EU’s
external borders: in Germany, the number of asylum applications has also fallen by 30%.
Expulsions from the territory have fallen by half The pandemic has had “significant consequences on both incoming and outgoing (migratory) flows”, also commented the Interior Ministry, noting a halving of expulsions of people in an irregular situation (-51.8% of “forced” removals), an issue “resolutely emphasised” by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and his entourage.

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