Guideline for Employers

Guideline to Employers for filling in the Maternity Leave Trust Claim Online Form

The Board of Trustees established under Legal Notice 257 of 2015 has advised that the process to
make a claim for reimbursement of maternity leave is as follows:

1. Type in the browser address bar
2. In the search box type in MSP010 (or “maternity leave trust”) and this will bring up the “Maternity
Leave Trust Claim Form” in the search result;
3. Clicking on the link will direct users to the landing page with the Data Protection Statement and
Submission Guidelines on the left and a “Launch Form” button in the middle;
4. Clicking on the “Launch Form” button will open the form;
5. Users will have to enter a valid e-ID account credentials in order to access the form.
Employers are also advised that for application forms to be processed by the Social Security.

Department the following documentation has to be attached to the application form:

• A copy of 3 FS5 receipts issued by the Inland Revenue Department, that is one receipt for each
trimester of the employee’s pregnancy indicating the payment of the maternity leave contributions
• A Copy of Pay Slips for gross basic wage/salary paid by the employer to the employee during the
fourteen week period of maternity leave
• A Copy of the Jobs + (formerly known as the ETC)’s list of the company’s employee’s
• The employee’s FS3 (if the employee who took maternity leave was in the company’s employment
during the previous year)

Applications for reimbursements will be made every four months, with the exception of the first
batch where reimbursements of applications received will be processed as soon as possible.

For assistance in filling in the online form, Employers may call on 25903585/3586.

The Adoption Leave is now regulated for the private sector in accordance to Legal Notice 336 of
2016 – Adoption Leave National Standard Order, 2016.
Both parents in employment may avail themselves of 14 weeks adoption leave and the employer is
eligible for reimbursement from the Maternity Leave Fund.