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Agim Sosoli

Agim SOSOLI Participant in the Competition Organized from NOVARIC®

Nationality: Albania

2015- Present Various Experiences In Hospitality, and achieving qualifications in this area, and as well being awarded for my Determination, for my Success in achieving all my tasks, and goals by the companies where I have been part off.
2018__Student in ITS Malta. 
2018__2020 Various Training’s and Specializations in Hospitality and Food and Beverage Management.
2020 __ Studying as a Wine Somalier at ITS Malta.
Coming Here in Malta, it has been a challenge for me.
As I work in Hospitality , there have been high expectations for my performance, “challenges” which I embraced and I gave my “All” to succeed.
Working in Malta, it made me adapt with life   in here, creating strong relations with the Maltese People by giving and getting Respect every single day.
“Diar IL Bniet “
Working in this Company it has been a huge Success for me.
A Farm to table restaurant, gave me big challenges to be front of the guests as what they were having expectations of a Fresh Local Produce.
Hand to Hand with the Company, Team work with my colleges, being Positive in the middle of work pressure, it made me gain the Trust of my management , and the Respect of the Customers.
Energized, Optimistic, Honest, it has been starting every single day at my work, something which at surprised all the doubters which they didn’t think that I could Lead All this work to pass even the expectations of  myself and of the customers as well.

Astrit RAMA

Nationality: Albania

Hello. I am Astrit Rama from Shkoder “Albania ” . I am 33 years old. First day that i came here in Malta it was 17  of  March 2017. In that time I came here with my 2 kids and  wife , where the youngest one was 9 months and the oldest 3 years old. In Malta i came through  Novaric Company. It was hard in the beginning because of the kids but after a while of both of us working things got easier. Both my kids are going at schools and i am really happy about that. My wife she’s working in the market as a cashier. While me i am doing from almost 3 years the supervisor in a fine dining restaurant “Westin Dragonara “during the winter and during the summer assistant manager in charge in boathouse restaurant wine and tapas “Westin Dragonara “.I am happy with my job. Even my family they are happy as well to live here.


Nationality: Albania


My name is Dilant Harizi. 28 years old and i came from the city of Tirana. I came here in Malta in 26 of January 2017 through NOVARIC company. In a very short period of time NOVARIC found me a job as an AC assistant technician. Between a period of 1 year seeing my great performance at work  being there always at time, providing help to almost anything related to my line of work i got promoted to AC Technician. I have 3 years doing this job and still trying to be the best in my profession. I am very grateful for everything that i have and i want to thank NOVARIC for that  


Nationality: Albania

My name is Elson Kraja, born and raised in Shkodra, Albania.
I attended higher education in nursing in the academic years 2001-2005 and graduated in 2005.
My work experience started at the age of 16 in customer service
During this time I have worked and studied at the same time, trying to secure a better future for myself and my family.  I worked for 3 years as a volunteer nurse in the regional hospital of Shkodra. After many years of working in the service to the client I decided to move to Malta for a better opportunity. Today I am here and work for one of the best companies in Malta MARRIOT ‘WESTIN  RESORT DRAGONARA in the position of chief waiter in the ORWM lobby launch department.  My experience in Malta started here 4 years ago and continues today.  I am very pleased with my progress, I have the full respect and the support of my colleagues. As every new beginning has its difficulties, and as such have been my beginnings in Malta, since I already wanted to build something in  a foreign country but everything is achieved if you really want it and I have persistently achieved my goal.


Nationality: Albania


My name is Elvis Kurti,currently working in Westin Dragonara and I would describe myself as someone who is highly-motivated and ambitious
I’m a people person,I love meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds and I like making people feel comfortable
in my presence,I’m passionate about my work beecause I love what I do and I particularly enjoy working as a part of team
In my last job I was part of a competition for bestsellers and I have been selected as bestseller.


Nationality: Albania


I am Ernis Maraska , 28 years old from Shkodra.

I came in Malta 3 years ago as a student and then started to work in a five star hotel, one of the best in island.

At the moment i am Supervisor at Is Suq Tal Belt and thanks to Novaric which gave us the opportunity to work in a  Europian union country , it helped us to learn a lot and to grow in career.


Nationality: Albania


Lovely malta!


3 years in Malta helped me a lot to improve and grow in my career.
Achieving and improving my skills in communication and putting new target’s to myself.
Learning more about the worldwide culture and new languages.
Waiting forward for new challenges.

Rindion LAÇAJ

Nationality: Albania

My name is Rindion Laci.l am born and raised in Shkoder, Albania.
I have finished the high school studies in 2007. Furthermore,
l had my very first job experience when l was only 14 years old as a waiter during summer season.
At that age the only thing l wanted was to earn money for my family and my own needs.
However, as an eager person,l am l decided to look for better and more promising opportunities.
Following that, l was offered to move to Malta for a better life. As a result, it turned to be a very good choice, as it helped my carrier
growth in hospitality industry. I am currently working at Westin Dragonara resort as a lead server at ORVM department.
l would describe myself as a very positive, hardworking person with a lot of potential. I love reading books because they take
me to another world. Family and Friends find me humorous and supportive.
To conclude, l am a family oriented person, who aspires to dedicate his life to his family. My motto in life is
“Do the best you can until you know better.Then, when you know better, do better”


Nationality: Albania


My achievement in Malta are the best of all of my career . I started working as a Chef de Partie on September 2017 at The Westin Dragonara Hotel . In all this time I have worked hard to achieve what I wanted. I started the Course for 1 year at the ITS Malta. I was part of World Chef Competition in Bolu Turkey May 2018- March 2019 winner of Gold and Silver prize). From all my hard work on 2018 it came the day of my reward .Winner of the Award for the BEST HEART OF HOUSE Associate 2nd Quarter 2018 “Westin Dragonara Resort Malta”).

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