NOVARIC Brand Guidelines

The NOVARIC® primary color palette is made up of Process Cyan 80% tint 60% tint 40% tint 20% tint 3 colors: process cyan, black and white to create a clean, modern look to all applications. It is essential these colors are used accurately and consistently whenever NOVARIC® materials are produced. Shown right are CMYK and RGB breakdown values. For online, Word, and PowerPoint documents please use the following RGB breakdown for an accurate representation of cyan. R:0 | G:154 | B:228

NOVARIC® Logo Primary Color
NOVARIC® Logo Primary Color

The primary font for all pre-printed marketing materials of the corporate brand elements of NOVARIC® is Helvetica Neue, chosen for its simplicity, cleanliness, modernity, and legibility. It clearly conveys information through a variety of mediums, including text and signage. Good typography hinges on clarity and communication, and attention to typographic detail establishes a consistent corporate style. There are five recommended weights for general brochure and collateral designs, with Helvetica Light and Bold being the most frequently used. Roman, Medium, and Heavy can be used to emphasize important details in longer, text-heavy documents. In situations where there are a number of figures involved, Arial can replace Helvetica. Examples of the preferred weights can be found on the right.

Corporate brand elements secondary corporate font

The secondary font for NOVARIC® is Arial, a sans-serif font that should be used in documents, letters, presentations, and all other communications that use PC applications in their production, or other circumstances where it is uneconomical or unfeasible to use the proprietary Helvetica Neue font family. Arial has been chosen for its similarity to the corporate font – Helvetica Neue. Arial is a standard Windows font that is available to all users. It is particularly appropriate for documents that have a lot of numbers. Examples of letters and numbers are shown on the right to illustrate the difference between the fonts.