Maltese Cuisine

If you are looking for extremely delicious and nutritious dishes in the Mediterranean, Maltese cuisine should be your choice.

Maltese rabbit stew

This is a traditional dish which is locally known as ‘Stuffat tal-Fenek’. It a delicacy that has been taken as Malta national dish. This type of dish has been popular since the Middle Ages due to its affordability.

Maltese stewed rabbit can be served in a number of ways, which mainly depends on the occasion. The organs of the rabbit and the boneless meat, and peas can be served plain without garnish or severed in combination with spaghetti that marinated in rabbit sauce. Potatoes, vegetables and wine are the ideal accompaniments to be served along with this course.


This is popular Maltese savory pastry that has been in existence since the 18th century and its preparation can be found in the naval documents. Pastizzi are snacks that consist of pastry filled with ricotta or mushy peas.

Pizzerias are the major sellers of these snack and you will find these outlets scattered all over the villages.


This is a Maltese dish that originated from Sicily and is locally known as ‘timpana’. This scrumptious dish is simply macaroni baked in saucy pastry. Due to recent growing trends to eat healthy and avoid eating carbs, the popularity of this dish has decreased.

Maltese ‘Soppa tal-Armla’

This is a dish that you will find in almost every home in Malta and each family will have its own recipe. It has been in existence for long and it is one of the dishes that stands out in the list of traditional food list.