This is how we helped Xhulja to move to malta.

Move to Malta
Many of us take living in Malta for granted. However, for most people looking to start a new life, the process of coming here can be a daunting and most certainly stressful experience. From visas to work permits, to language barriers and social integration, trying to figure out what you need and organising yourself accordingly is overwhelming and you’re bound to get something wrong.
Xhulja is a third country national who faced this exact situation but thankfully got in touch with the right people who made her transition to Malta seamless, even to this day.
“I was looking to move out of Albania when a friend of mine told me about a company in Malta called NOVARIC®, which helps with the process of moving, from work permits to social integration,” Xhulja told Lovin Malta.
For many, the process of moving to another country isn’t just a matter of packing your bags and leaving. It takes months of preparation, job hunting and visa work that often ends in failure or disappointment.
“I am a chef by profession so I was looking to stay in my field but I was also looking for an opportunity to grow. When I contacted NOVARIC they told me that they already had a course at ITS and some potential jobs lined up at a major hotel company on the island. So I packed up my things and left.”
“Upon arriving in Malta I was met by a member of the team who had put me in touch with the hotel. On my first day here I had an interview, on the second day I had a trial run and on the third day I got the job.”
NOVARIC® Recruitment
Xhulja was lucky enough to land a job doing what she loves which isn’t generally the case for most third country nationals looking to make Malta their new home. Their biggest barrier to entry? Work permits.
The bureaucratic process of obtaining a work permit in Malta is difficult enough but becomes near impossible for nationals who only have a basic understanding of English.
“NOVARIC helped me with my work permit and before I knew it I was working as a kitchen assistant at one of the top hotels on the island. My English improved and with it so did my position at work. I moved up the ranks and even competed in international chef competitions, winning gold and silver in consecutive years.”
Having secured a job at one of Malta’s top hotels, Xhulja quickly climbed the ladder of success in a short period of time and saw massive improvements in both her professional and social life.
“Two years later and I’m now a demi chef. My English has improved incredibly and I’m getting a lot out of my work. My CV is much more complete now.”
“As with anywhere you go, there are always good and bad things about it but Malta has been great to me and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of NOVARIC who helped me on my feet and continue to help me on my journey.”
Moving to Malta isn’t only about looking for a job, it’s also about fitting it to the social fabric that makes Maltese society which takes time to develop and for Xhulja it just became a lot more than all of that…
“The most positive and life-changing thing to happen to me since coming to Malta has been the fact that I have now managed to conceive a child after years of trying. Malta has been a true blessing for me.”
NOVARIC® Move to Malta
Xhulja not only hurdled past the immigration and employment barriers that most third country nationals face, but thanks to the help of those around her, she’s made Malta her home where she can now raise her new family.
NOVARIC is a local recruitment and HR company that helps with all of this by providing third country nationals with various support functions as they make their move to Malta.
In addition to the usual bureaucratic functions, NOVARIC goes above and beyond to help people integrate into the fabric of Maltese society and, after reading some of their testimonials…it works.
Applying for a work permit can be a daunting process if you don’t know the exact steps that need to be taken. Below is a list of everything that you need to do before you start your career in Malta:
  • Applicants must first gather all required documents in a specific order in order to apply for a work permit
  • In the case of non-EU Citizens, a medical test will have to be carried out and approved by the Infections Disease Prevention and Control unit within the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate at
  • You need to ensure you have Health Insurance for a period of one year
  • If you are working in the catering industry, you must apply for a Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Applicants must also be in possession of a residential rental agreement contract for no less than nine months
  • A reference letter no older than three years old and form your previous employer
  • Two adverts of the vacancy you are applying for published on different media platforms by the prospective employer
  • A full CV
  • A declaration of posting signed by the employer
  • A declaration of job suitability signed by the employer
  • A work contract
  • A job description
If you want to follow Xhulja’s footsteps and pursue a lucrative career in Malta, contact NOVARIC today.
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