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At NOVARIC we receive hundreds of job applications every month, and while we are looking up new employees for our business partners, we really appreciate the enthusiasm of them, however, we invite few of the applicants for starting up a process. Why? Here we will explain and help you to improve your chances of getting started with the right Company.

First impression:

A good first impression is key. When the recruiters at NOVARIC are filtering a high volume of job applications, the decision of opening or not your Curriculum depends 100% on the first impression, that is why the right first impression is crucial on the process of recruitment. So be careful on every detail on your cover letter.

One of the most important details you must know is, to at least mention the job you are applying to. We get many applications with blank subjects and a CV attached, even if we open that email, we will not figure out to which job you intended to apply. Also, do not send your email to many companies at once. The message you are delivering is that you really do not care about the company you are applying to.

In addition to, when you add a personal note in your cover letter or on the application, make sure you have changed for every company you send it. Double check every aspect of your email and cover letter before sending, it can be very embarrassing to say how high motivated you are to apply to X company when you are referring to another. You will only get one chance so do not waste it.


Only apply for jobs that are relevant to your profile. You will not have a chance to get invited for an interview if your profile does not match with the position you are applying to. Plus, you do not want to start a job that does not fit your profile, it will create frustration for both the employer and employee. Show to the company you are the right person for the job, tell us about your talents and skills, and how your experience can be helpful to the Company that we will provide the Interview. Even if you do not have degrees or certifications you can talk about your projects, personal skills, hobbies, and e-learnings you got. It is also very important to be aware of your skills, when a job requires specialized or technical expertise you need to make sure you have it.

We hope the above information was useful for your personal growth and do not wait to apply these tips and send us your CV, at NOVARIC we are a dynamic group of driven people. Take a look at for the jobs we have.

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