Passengers are not allowed to enter Malta until 18 February 2021


 1. Passengers are not allowed to enter until 18 February 2021.

– This does not apply to: – nationals and residents of Malta.

– Passengers arriving from

Andorra. Australia. Austria. Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada. China (Pe le’s Rep.). Croatia. Cyprus. Czechia. Denmark. Estonia. Finland. France, Germany. Greece. Hungary. Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland (Rep.), Italy. Japan. Jordan. Korea (Rep.). Latvia. Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania. Luxembourg. Monaco. Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Romania, Rwanda, San Marino, Slovakia. Slovenia. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Thailand, Tunisia Turkey, United Arab Emirates. Uruguay or Vatican City (Holy See).

They must have been in one of these countries for at least 14 days before departure.

– Passengers arriving on humanitarian, medevac or repatriation flights.

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