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We at NOVARIC® INT, believe that through technology people are empowered to respond quickly and intuitively
to changing market dynamics. By assessing their ability to harness the right technology, we guide them to become more competitive. 

Nowadays, NOVARIC® has a presence in five countries and three continents.

NOVARIC® offices are in Malta, Albania, India, Brazil, Germany, Colombia, France.


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COVID-19 Update:

Cases: 2,303,144

Deaths: 61,143

Recovered: 2,199,508

Vaccinated: 693,490 doses.

In Colombia, coronavirus cases are already more than 2.2 million and unfortunately, at least 61,000 people have died since the first case of covid-19 arrived in the country.


The Colombian Foreign Minister and the US Secretary of State met to discuss the priorities of the new US government.

Through a trill, the US embassy in Colombia indicated that the main points of President Biden’s policy will be: The implementation of the peace agreement; the coronavirus; the fight against drug trafficking and transnational crime; a regional response to the crisis in Venezuela; the expansion of trade; climate change and human rights.

“We envision a future with security, throughout the Western Hemisphere, there is no better place to start than with the determination of the Colombian people to establish a sustainable and lasting peace,” Biden said at the time, adding that “the peace agreement it was a breakthrough and should not be minimized or ignored. “


The Colombian Association of BPO, announced the creation of 4,000 new jobs for women in the country, which will be effective during the first half of the year.

Konecta, Atento, and Online Link, three BPrO affiliated companies that lead this initiative, will be talking during the Forum with women interested in jobs within a virtual space called “Private Offers”, in which recruiters will provide information about the process via text message or video call.

The profiles are open and initially applicants with bachelor, technical or professional training can apply, and additional points will be added to those who speak English with level B1 and B2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

These 4,000 new jobs are part of the 18,000 already announced by the BPO sector for this year, showing a growth of 3 percent over its closing figure in 2020. This year, bilingual talent will continue to be a challenge to improve the competitiveness of the sector and the country, as there is potential to increase exports of BPO services to countries such as the United States, Brazil, and Europe, from the current US$1.3 billion. BPRO forecasts that by 2021, the industry will grow 3.5 percent and will continue to generate investment in technology, personnel, and biosafety measures while promoting formal and inclusive employment.


Colombia has already applied 589,208 doses of vaccines against Covid-19, as revealed by the most recent report from the Ministry of Health in its daily report.

Doses applied in total:

Second doses: 9,148

Day dose: 108,958​​​​​​​

Colombia expects to finish the first phase of vaccination by the middle of this month, which is aimed at health personnel on the first line of the emergency and at adults over 80 years of age. With the National Vaccination Plan, Colombia plans to immunize 35.2 million citizens this year, equivalent to 70% of the population.

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