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We at NOVARIC® INT, believe that through technology people are empowered to respond quickly and intuitively
to changing market dynamics. By assessing their ability to harness the right technology, we guide them to become more competitive. 

Nowadays, NOVARIC® has a presence in five countries and three continents.

NOVARIC® offices are in Malta, Albania, India, Brazil, Germany, Colombia, France.


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COVID-19 Update:

Active Cases: 3,124

Deaths: 351

Recovered: 23,060

Confirmed: 26,535


Malta is recovering slowly from the last two weeks where the new record of cases was reached. The actual situation brings 2,947 new cases and 26 new deaths. The new restrictions will go till 11th April.


Introducing new restrictive COVID-19 measures last week was one of the hardest moments of the pandemic to date, Prime Minister Robert Abela said. Last week the government ordered a one-month closure of all non-essential businesses, services, and schools. People were also barred from meeting in groups larger than four and all organised sports activities have been cancelled. The move came as Malta registered a record of more than 500 daily COVID-19 cases.  Medical Doctor Marius Caruana said that Malta now had 40 operational vaccination centres, dishing out around 4,000 jabs every day. He urged the public to reach out to only use reputable sources for information on COVID-19.  The public should turn to medical professionals and health authorities with any questions they may have. Caruana also urged all the public to get vaccinated.


The Malta Employers Association has called for measures to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases amid fears that the tourism sector could be impacted for a second successive summer. “The government should take any measures during the coming two months to place the country in a better situation to accept manageable tourism during the summer season, subject to international developments which may be beyond our control.” It said the plan should focus on a fast vaccination programme to achieve herd immunity within the shortest time possible, together with tangible measures to reduce the daily number of infections.​​​​​​​


Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri and Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo discussed migration separate meetings in Rome with their Italian counterparts Luciana Lamorgese and Luigi Di Maio. The Home Affairs Ministry said the meeting between Camilleri and Lamborgese focused on ways how the two countries can strengthen their collaboration to address the problem. The ministers agreed that Libya is a partner in the process and Italy and Malta will work with the new Libyan Government of National Unity. The foreign ministry said the meeting between Bartolo and Di Maio focused on the excellent relationship between the two countries and common challenges, such as irregular migration. They stressed the need for more cooperation, solidarity, and collective action by all countries of the European Union.

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